600W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants,Green House Lights,Grow Lamps Panel with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum UR and IR for Indoor Plants, Hydroponic, Succulents, Flower Growing (600W HFS006)

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Product Description

LEDs Watt:600W

LED Chip: 92pcs main LEDs , 4pcs assisted Green LEDs

LEDs Beam Angle: 120 degree

Main LED Chip Spectrum: 410nm-800nm full spectrum

Main LED Chip Peak Wavelength: 450nm and 660nm

Assisted Green LED Chip Spectrum: 500nm-700nm

Assisted Green LED Chip Peak Wavelength: 550nm

Power Consumption:1A120VAC/0.5A240VAC            

Input power:  100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Power Factor: >0.9

Light total photon flux: 160 μmol/S

Light PPF(efficiency): 1.60μmol/J

Light Spectrum: 400nm~800nm full spectrum including 450nm/660nm/730nm

Light Blue-Purple/Orange-Red Rate: 1:6

Light Best For: flowering and fruiting plants during growth and flower stage

Light Mounting Height: 5-12in above canopy

Light PPFD (μmol/ m²/s ) (stage: h=mounting height A=canopy coverage ):

320 μmol/m²/s  (Vegetative: h=11in A=1.9X1.7ft)

500 μmol /m²/s  (Flower:   h=8in  A1.1X0.9ft)

Light Operating Temperature: -20℃ t0 40 ℃

Light Operation place: indoor

Light Heat dissipation method: active fan cooling

LED chip soldering pad temperature: 68℃ (at room temperature 28℃)

Fan bearing: double ball

Power Driver: aluminum housing and Thermal sealant

Warranty: 2 Years

Light Net Weight: 1.4kg , 3 lbs

Light Dimension: mm-210(L)x210(W)x60(H)

              in -8.3(L)x8.3(W)x2.4(H)

Product Specifications

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  • ★HIGH YIELDS, UNIQUE, CONTINUOUS WITHOUT GAS,FULL SPECTRUM We use a phosphor based semiconductor material to convert a blue light into full spectrum white light your plants require. It is continuous full spectrum without gas from 420 to 780nm such as HPS and CMH , NOT as 5 or 11 band. And also we made it match the PAR spectrum more closely, most light can be used and boosts yields. In addition we add UV LEDs and broaden the spectrum from 375 to 780nm.
  • ★MONEY and ENERGY SAVING INDOOR GROWING SYSTEM:Compared to HPS and CMH, LED lights do not have peaks with wavelengths from 750 nm to 800 nm. This band emits a lot of heat, and the grow room requires additional cooling to increase input and energy consumption. In addition, we continue to increase the light output rate from LED chip to the plant leaves. LED lights can grow more crops while consuming the same amount of energy, and get a bigger harvest compared to HPS and CMH
  • ★NO FIRE HAZARD INDOOR GROWING SYSTEM We design a special protection device inside the lamp. When the temperature inside the lamp is very high, the device will automatically cut off the grid.. The main parts of the lamp's outer casing, power supply casing, etc. are all metal. In addition, our power supply is filled with sealing thermal grease inside.
  • ★C2B R&D CONCEPT, R&D SUPPORT SERVICE DIRECTLY Our R&D engineers use social software to directly contact growers to learn about their experiences and concerns about using traditional lighting, while our R&D engineers directly support the processing of after-sales problems to get more information on end-use, combined with current LED technology to design more big harvest and good quality growing lights.
  • ★EASY TO SET UP YOUR GROWING ROOM Up to 1.6X1.6 ft of flowering footprint coverage , power consuming only 100 watts instead of 300W HPS/MH , using 4-6 lights will be good for 4x4 ft area.
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600W HFS006
600W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants,Green House Lights,Grow Lamps Panel with Adjustable Rope,Full Spectrum UR and IR for Indoor Plants, Hydroponic, Succulents, Flower Growing (600W HFS006)
  • 699944714939